Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girlie Nails

Today I have cute black nails and an explanation of how we did it! This is a great way for a young girl my age {10.5} to wear dark nails!

Top Coat LacquerLa Nails Black
Royal Blue Glitter

Personal mix of black, purple, silver, and light blue


  1. Very cool nails! Was it hard to do them using the glitter?

  2. Thanks guys! I am glad you like them! Emily, actually, using the glitter was easy because if you just dab a small paint brush into the glitter, and dab it on your nails you can create the design that you want.

  3. That is neat! I never thought of using glitter with nail polish. I always get the kind with the glitter in it already, but it doesn't look nearly as cool as yours!

  4. Cute I will have to show my daughter this. She is getting some new nail polish tomorrow for Valentines Day. I got her hot-pink, turquise(spelling?), orange and black. I love your blog it is cute. I hope to start one someday, right now I do not have time. I am home schooling my son and daughter and with all the other mommy duties I am super busy.

  5. Hi--I love your blog!!!--you are amazing to be doing something like this at your age. And very cute nails! I am a little old, 35!, but I think these would look adorable on me too:)My daughters are 5 and 6, but we love doing nails and I think they would also really like this idea. Thank you!!! Janae

  6. I love mixing nail polish with glitter too and that lovely color combo! love it!!!
    Nice blog you got here, my name is Dita, following you all the way from Indonesia.
    I welcome you and everyone to visit and follow my two blogs. Comments are welcome too! ^-*


  7. I love this idea! I have never thought to add glitter to my nails. I used to buy the glitter nail polish because it does not show mistakes as bad as the regular kind. I always mess up my nail polish before it dries!