Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I entered a contest!

And boy am I excited! The great April Showers is hosting a free blog design giveaway with some super exciting host and I threw my hat in the ring. Now I am only 10 so I have no idea if I did it correctly but wish me luck guys, if I win this contest I am going to have the designer create a new look for my "polished girlz" charity blog can I get a whooooo hooooo! Today is a good day!
Here is a link to the awesome April Showers Blog Design!

April Showers Blog Design

Oh here are the super cool designers that are offering the giveaway:

$75 Package from A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design

$135 Package from Ritzy Design Studio

$35 Pre-Made Template by Miss Evil Kitty

$65 Blog Design Package by Deluxe Designs

$70 (Blogger) or $150 (Wordpress) Package from Bloggy Blog Designs

$30 Pre-Made Template from Adori Graphics

$50 Package from Zany Dezines

$65 Package from Eight Days Designs

$125 Package from Grey Bloom Designs

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girlie Nails

Today I have cute black nails and an explanation of how we did it! This is a great way for a young girl my age {10.5} to wear dark nails!

Top Coat LacquerLa Nails Black
Royal Blue Glitter

Personal mix of black, purple, silver, and light blue